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Best ways to enhance your baby blues

Eye colors are fabulous no matter what, but if you're a light-eyed lady looking to enhance what your mama gave you, look no further. Lauren Conrad recently broke down the most sensational eye makeup ideas for girls with blue eyes on her fashion blog, The Beauty Department.

According to LC, there's really nothing blue-eyed fashionistas can't do with their sparkling peepers, but there are some tricks and techniques that will make them stand out the most.

Metallic copper

Warm shades like copper are known for being a perfect match for blue eyes as it adds a touch of shimmer to your lids while pulling out the blue pigments of your eyes. Glamour Magazine reports Mary-Kate Olsen wore some fierce copper eye makeup while attending the recent Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. MK started by rimming her upper and lower lids with black eyeliner, though she made the product thicker on top for major drama. The designer and actress then applied tons of copper eyeshadow on her top lids to the crease lines and at the corners of her eyes to really accentuate her big baby blues.

You could try a similar trend for a night out on the town with your boyfriend or even at the office with the right ensemble.

Stellar smudging

A great and easy way to garner attention to your eyes is to avoid making a defined line with your eyeliner or eyeshadow color. Making a defined line in your eye makeup will take focus away from the color, something no one with big baby blues wants. The Beauty Department reports you can avoid this tragedy by applying eyeliner where you want it and then using a blending brush to smudge the product. Not only does this help your eyeliner blend in better with your eyeshadow hue, it also gives off a smokey, moody vibe that can be very mysterious and intriguing to that cute guy at work. When trying this approach, use the blending brush and then your fingers to really disperse the product into your lash lines.

InStyle Magazine suggests trying the smudge-style with dark eyeshadow instead of eyeliner at first. Using eyeshadow may be easier to blend than eyeliner, so you may make fewer mistakes this way.

Wing-it out

Smudging is a great way to keep the focus on your eye color, but creating playful eye makeup works well too! The Beauty Department suggests ladies looking to seem a little flirty should try a classic wing style. To achieve this makeup, start by getting a liquid eyeliner in black that's easy to apply. Next put on a touch of peach or gold eyeshadow on top for a bit of shimmer and then use the eyeliner to create a strong line on the top lids that go out with a little flick past the brow lines. This classic wing fashion is sure to garner some attention from the guys at school or at your summer job, without trying to be overly in your face.

"New Girl's" Zooey Deschanel is a perfect example of how this trend is supposed to look, so you might even want to try a cute high ponytail hairstyle when wearing this eye makeup to let your eyes shine even brighter.

Bold browns

Similar to copper, hues in the brown family are also like the peanut butter and jelly of blue eye makeup - they just go together. Metallic bronze hues will push the blues even more, so it may be best to save a shade like this for a first date or an anniversary to keep your guy focused on you.

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