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Beware: Beauty bag health risks

If you're putting off cleaning out your makeup bag, Shape Magazine reports it could be bad for your health. Using your lipstick or other products until they're gone may save you money, but it could also pose certain health risks that no one wants to deal with. The magazine recently broke down what cosmetics can stay and which need to go.


Dermatologist Joel Schlessinger reports makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a month.

"If they aren't, they become dirty and full of bacteria from constantly touching our skin," he told the magazine.

There is a very specific way to clean brushes so that their bases don't rot away, Glamour Magazine reports. First, wet the hairs under the faucet with warm water, then apply dish soap to the bristles and gently press it through the hairs with your fingers, adding a little water as you rub. Then rinse the soap out thoroughly and repeat if you've gone a while without a cleaning. Once the grime and oils have been removed, lay the brushes out flat on a paper towel to dry. If you let them dry standing up, water can run down the bristles and can loosen the glue holding the brush to its base over time.

Common germs

Makeup bags and the products stored in them are both breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

"Every time you dip your finger into a jar of cream or foundation, you're introducing bacteria into it, thereby contaminating it," Dr. Debra Jaliman of New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center told the news source.

In order to keep you and your products safe from unwanted germs, she suggests first looking for products that come in tubes to avoid finger contact. Using q-tips to get out certain products can also cut back on germs, as can cleaning the brushes and pads used for many products on the market regularly.

For items like lipsticks, Jaliman suggests ladies clean the tip off after each use with a baby wipe to get rid of surface germs in a flash. Rinsing out your makeup bag at least once a month will also keep germs at bay.

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