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Bold makeup looks to try this winter

The cold dark days of winter are here, which is why many fashionistas turn to their makeup trends to liven up the colder months. Elle Magazine recently broke down a few different styles to try this year to stand out from the crowd and warm up any room you walk into.

Jewel tone-inspired eyes
There is perhaps nothing more luxurious and fabulous than rich, jewel toned eyes and ladies everywhere should get aboard this train for winter.

"I love rich jewel tones like emerald greens and blues for fall," a celebrity makeup artist told the news outlet. "You can never look boring with these colors. And they show up on Instagram!"

Ladies looking to steal this style should look for a deep turquoise eyeshadow and apply it on their top lids up to the crease lines and out past the brow lines and as eyeliner on their bottom lids. Enhance the style with tons of black mascara.

Over the top purple
Blues and deep browns aren't the only catchy eye makeup to try this winter. In fact deep and light shades of purple are also a must. Another makeup artist admitted girls can feel free to rock both intense eyes and bold lips, something that used to be dubbed a mistake.

"It's not a faux pas anymore to wear a bold eye with a bold lip, the artist told the publication. "It can be really chic and sophisticated to wear both a vibrant lip and eye if you so desire. Plus, it's fun to just go all the way."

Fashionistas looking to be daring with this idea will need to pick up a cream-based purple eyeshadow palette to apply the color all over their top and bottom lids. A deep red, almost purple lipstick will work nicely with the purple on the eyes.

Gold accents
With the holiday season fast approaching, some ladies may be craving the metallic silver and gold styles. This is perfect as accenting the eyes and the lips with lovely gold hues is actually a must for winter 2012/13. One makeup guru even admitted ladies can try unique patterns on their eyes, similar to the fabulous nail art that has come out in recent years.

"The popularity of nail art has removed the intimidation factor, so people don't look at you funny when you do things like this anymore," the artist told the magazine. "You can get a little clowny if you overdo it, but really, anything goes."

For this trend, try finding gold leaf makeup or using nail stencils to apply gold or silver cream-based eyeshadow in funky and fun patterns. 

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