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Bring out the blue in your eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful on their own as these bright colors work to enhance a person's face - even more so if they have a tan. Although many ladies with blue eyes may be content with their current eye makeup trends, who wouldn't want to learn ways to make the color pop even more? Allure Magazine decided to find out exactly what makes blue eyes brighter and ladies with blue or even green-toned eyes are going to love the tips.

Terra-cotta colors
Rusty colors like terra-cotta are perfect for helping blue peepers stand out. Not only does this makeup for blue eyes work to enhance the hue, but it is also the easiest way for blue-eyed beauties to draw attention to their best facial features.

"The warm color makes eyes stand out," a celebrity makeup artist told the news source.

To rock this color right, start by applying a few layers of eyeshadow on your top lids up to the crease lines, then add a pretty rose gold hue from your crease lines to the brow lines to help give off a gorgeous glow. Add even more warmth to the look by switching out your harsh black eyeliner for a softer dark chocolate tone.

Purples are perfect
Purple eyeshadow should be blue-eyed girls' best friend as this color works to enhance the blue, rather than take away from it.

"Blue eyes can get lost in blue and green shadows," the artist told Allure. "But purple shadows help accentuate them."

Don't be afraid to mix up your purples as every shade from lovely and light lilac to deep royal purples work to accentuate blue eyes.

Aren't you glad you tried orange?
Just saying the word orange in regards to eye makeup can make some fashionistas cringe, but in reality this hue is a great addition for people with blue eyes.

"Blue and orange are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, so it creates a strong contrast," the makeup pro told the publication.

Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Fergie have been known to use orange to enhance their blue peepers while attending red carpet events, so why can't you? If you're too afraid to go all out and rock orange eyeshadow, you may feel more comfortable using a burnt orange eyeliner. Flaunt this product on your upper lash line and extend it out past the brow lines at the outer corners for a dazzling effect.

Other colors to help your blue eyes pop include neutral smoky eye hues like pale pinks and warm browns and turquoise liner paired with navy mascara.

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