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Bring your makeup brushes back to life

Makeup brushes are key to helping you create the best new trends in cosmetics and taking care of these products is crucial to saving you both time and money. Ladies might assume brushes just stay clean and neat with proper storage, but even if you only use certain brushes for certain items, it's still necessary to clean them.

From kabuki brushes to a complete makeup brush set, all brushes need a thorough cleaning to ensure they work the way they should for longer. According to Glamour Magazine, one of the biggest mistakes ladies make with brushes is standing them straight up to dry after washing them in the sink. 

This may seem like no big deal, but as it turns out, standing brushes up when wet or even damp lets water drip down into the base of the brush. The moisture then loosens the glue that secures the bristles, which causes them to shed, and become thinner. To avoid this problem, simply lay the brushes down on a towel until they are dried out completely.

If your brushes are in need of a deep clean, simply soak them in hot soapy water and set them out to dry. They should be good as new after.

InStyle Magazine suggests ladies wash their brushes at least once a month with dish detergent to break down the oils that can build up in the hairs.

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