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Some fashionistas may have their favorite go-to products, but are theirs in line with what professional beauty experts love? Cosmopolitan Magazine recently discussed what the pros are crazy about so ladies everywhere can learn what's hot to try now.

Bold mascara
A Los Angeles makeup artist believes every lady needs to have a good volumizing mascara, especially during the winter months.

"As the weather cools down and the holidays approach, my favorite look is a deep rich lip and lots of lashes," the expert told the magazine.                  "[M]ascara allows me to achieve the latter without using any other products - plus, it makes my clients' lashes look thick rather than clumpy and holds the curl all day."

If you're looking to extend the volume and length of your lashes, start by using an eyelash curler to add tons of style, then swipe on a mascara primer to help the black coat stick better and last.

Waterproof eyeliner
Eyeliner continues to be a staple in most women's beauty bags, as the product is useful for a variety of eye makeup trends. From the cat-eye style to a true smokey eye, most divas never leave home without a pencil or liquid version.

Another makeup guru reports her favorite variety is a chic black waterproof eyeliner.

"This is my tried and true product for real, long-lasting eyeliners. I sharpen it by rolling it on an angle to freshen the tip, and then glide it on to define my clients' eyes," she told the news outlet. "It can also be applied to give the effect of a liquid liner or softened and blended, too."  

For a funkier approach, try using eyeliner in other colors, including deep blue, purple, or brown or more electrifying shades like electric blue or emerald green.

Mineral-based concealer
Concealer has to be a girl's best friend, as the product works to eliminate problems on the face ranging from under-eye bags to blemishes and age spots. Since concealer is so vital to how ladies look, it may be smart to splurge on a compact with a mineral base. This type of concealer is more natural than some other varieties, allowing the skin to breathe as it conceals.

"It's also natural and good for the skin, so it makes me feel good when I'm using it on my clients," a makeup artist who works with Carly Rae Jepsen, told the publication. "Plus, it has awesome coverage and blends in with so many skin tones."

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