All About Beauty Essentials (68)
Cosmetics that flatter all

When it comes to cosmetics, not all are created equal. Yellow eyeshadow simply won't look good on all skin types just as red lipstick is best left on the store shelves for some ladies. It can be challenging to try and find beauty products that work well on all skin tones, but InStyle Magazine is here to help. The fashion and beauty experts recently broke down the best products that work well on everyone.

Eyeshadow hues

When trying to look fierce, girls of all colors should turn to gold and purple eyeshadow. Gold is a great choice and is best used on the inner corners of the eyes as it works to brighten the peepers - regardless of color, shape or size. Purple is great for the entire top lids as it offers a broad spectrum that is not too cool and not too warm.

Lip liner

Some divas might assume lip liners are a thing of the past, but in fact these pencils can really help to keep the color on your lips in place. No one wants to have a bold tangerine hue rubbed on their cheek! The best lip liner shade for all skin tones is one that falls in the pinkish brown category. This hue is one that "won't look cartoonish on fair, medium or dark skin." The key to wearing any lip liner is making sure you blend it in well with the lipstick color.

Glamour Magazine reports using lip liner can help the lip color stay for longer while also preventing feathering. It can also help make your pout seem a bit fuller than it really is.

Ladylike lip gloss

Lip gloss has become a staple in most fashionable ladies' cosmetics bag, but sometimes it can be nice to know about a shade that you can use for multiple occasions. InStyle suggests girls looking for that everyday lip gloss should look try a sheer pink hue. This mellow, yet feminine color complements all lip colors and other face makeup and never looks too bold or intense. Keep an application in your purse to be ready for anything while on the go.

Chocolate eyeliner

When you think about owning a go-to eyeliner, most girls instantly suggest standard black. However, it turns out deep cocoa hues are better suited to help all eyes stand out. Dark brown is "rich enough to register on dark skin, but won't overwhelm ivory skin." Add a little drama to your life by purchasing a cocoa eyeliner with shimmer or sparkle.

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