All About Beauty Essentials (68)
Face brushes: What's the difference?

We spend plenty of time making sure we have the right blush, bronzer, powder and other cosmetics to look our best. But what about the tools we use to apply them? Having the right make up brushes and using them properly can make all the difference when you are rocking your favorite makeup palette. According to, there are a few brushes you must have for a flawless face.

Highlighter brush. The highlighter brush is perfect for a number of uses. You can start with it to put on your foundation, or use it to apply a little blush or highlighter to your cheeks. The bristles should be soft and rounded to pick up just enough product and apply it evenly on your skin.

Stippling brush. This brush is great for stippling the foundation, which makes your skin look more airbrushed and flawless when you're finished. This tool should have stiff bristles to hold the liquid foundation and not streak.

Angled blush brush. The blush brush is perfect for applying just the right amount of blush to the cheeks in just the right way. The angle makes it easier to blend colors. It should be soft to pick up just enough pigment. 

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