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Go for the gold

Ladies out there who are willing to try out some fun ideas on their eyes this summer should look into gold. Glamour Magazine reports metallic gold eyeshadow is making itself known this summer and is a great option for girls of all skin types.

The style described by the magazine's beauty experts is a mix between high fashion and romance, so it's perfect for a night out with friends or for a romantic date with your guy. For this style you'll need metallic gold eyeshadow, makeup brushes and mascara. You can also try the look in a copper hue if you're feeling less risky than usual.


It can be difficult to keep gold in its place without applying tons of layers. To curb this common issue, try to use an eye primer on your top lids and under your eyes to help set the eyeshadow better. Allow the primer to dry for between one and two minutes before moving on to the next step.

Top lids

Once the primer has set, start applying gold eyeshadow from the lid to the lash line, blending over the crease and pushing the product up to close to the brow bones. Apply more of the product at the inner corners of your eyes for more intensity.  For a bolder glow, add a metallic golden-yellow eyeshadow on top of the first hue to really make your lids stand out.

Bottom lids

Most people might stop the gold craze on top, but for this style, the gold must be applied on bottom as well. Use a fine liner brush to spread the first gold eyeshadow along the bottom lids, connected it to the hue on top at the outer corners. Then add the golden-yellow hue, blending the two shades together. If you think you'll make the bottom too thick, try to find an eyeliner pencil in gold for an easier application.

Add mascara

Now that the gold is perfect, finish up the style by applying a few coats of jet black mascara. InStyle Magazine reports you can make your mascara stick better by first sprinkling translucent powder over the lashes. This gives the product something to adhere to.

With bold eyes like this, Glamour recommends keeping the rest of your cosmetics simple. A touch of blush on your cheeks and light pink lipstick on your pout should be perfect.

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