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Gorgeous green eye tricks

Green-eyed beauties tend to have a bit more mystery and spunk over their counterparts with blue or brown peepers. Green is both sassy and full of life, and although some girls may be confident with their current eye makeup tricks, learning new trends is always a plus, right? Allure Magazine recently discussed exactly how to make green eyes pop and the results are sure to make everyone without green eyes jealous.

Taupe eyeshadow
Specific eyeshadow for green eyes is out there, and ladies with these colored peepers may want to learn about them. A warm taupe hue with shimmer is the perfect addition to green-eyed beauties' makeup, as it helps enhance the tones in the eyes, more so than common brown colors.

"The warmer undertones are more flattering than ashy brown," a makeup artist told the news source.

Finding a taupe hue is great on its own, yet locating one that also has a bit of shimmer is even better, as the sparkle will work to accentuate the specks of gold in the irises of green-eyed divas.

Dark gray liner
Black eyeliner is a staple in most ladies makeup bags, though green-eyed girls may want to try something different. Black hues can actually look too severe on people with light eyes, so the makeup artist suggests these ladies try using a softer charcoal or slate gray liner instead. Products in these hues will still work to enhance the eyes, just in a more flattering way.

Purple peepers
When it comes to eyes, purple seems to be beautiful, regardless of the color. This means the fun lilac, royal and deep hues will be elegant and fun on ladies with green eyes.

"It goes back to the color wheel," the artist told the publication. "Green's complementary color is red, so any shadow with red undertones really makes green eyes pop."

For the most eclectic style, try keeping purple colors very close to your lash lines, this will be the most dramatic against the green.

Metallic sage hues
Some ladies may think it's a no-no to wear eyeshadow colors that are the same as the color of their peepers, however this is not the case. Instead, the makeup artist reports ladies simply need to follow a few rules.

"Whenever you're using a color in the same family as your eyes, play around with texture," the artist told the magazine. "Something shimmery will always make your eyes stand out."

For the best look, green-eyed divas should opt for a sage/golden toned metallic eyeshadow. This color is warm and will soften up the eyes, yet the shimmer will help pull out the flecks of gold in the peepers. 

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