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Have your makeup bag work for you

Makeup bags, boxes and other storage containers are crucial for ladies in love with cosmetics, as these spaces help keep eyeshadows, liners, brushes, tools and more safe and clean. Although most fashionistas have the best intentions of keeping their makeup bags clean, sometimes things can get out of control and it can be hard to get back to a good place. Luckily, Allure Magazine's experts are here to help, as they recently broke down how to keep cosmetic bags in good order.

Look before you buy
The first step in ensuring your makeup bag is the bee's knees is to check it out thoroughly before you buy it. The perfect bag would have a nylon liner as it is easier to clean in comparison to bags with a leather or cotton inside. It can also be helpful to store makeup removal cloths in the bag for a dual purpose - to clean your face after a long day and to wash out the bag itself as powders, creams and more are prone to spill.

Check your bag, check it often
One of the worst problems ladies can be faced with is a major makeup explosion in their cosmetics bag. Not only will you need to clean up the mess, but you'll also need to check inventory, as some products may be unsalvageable. In order to keep this annoying and sometimes expensive problem at bay, you should be sure to check, check and then recheck the caps, snaps and lids of all your beauty products stored inside the bag. This may seem like a no-brainier, but taking a glance inside and feeling around the caps can truly be a makeup lifesaver.

Every brush has a place
Brushes are expensive and important to helping ladies look their best, which is why a makeup bag should have places designed with brush storage in mind, the magazine reports. Brushes last the longest when they are stored either flat or in compartments that allow them to stand up without harming their bristles. Keeping brushes of a different purpose (blush, eyeshadow, toners) in separate spots can also help to reduce the possibility of brush-to-brush contamination.

Spring clean every month
Let's face it, things can get pretty hectic in a makeup bag with so many products floating around. This is why it may be a good idea to take the time each month to completely dump out your bag and take a look at what's going on. This will not only help you weed out old products or items you don't use anymore, but it is also a time to clean the space up as well. 

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