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How to rock a false fringe

There are plenty of ways to extend your eyelashes with eye makeup like mascara, but this can only go so far. When you really want to make a statement, you might want to reach for false eyelashes instead. However, there are some tips to always follow when wearing falsies to help them look their best.

Choosing the right pair of lashes is one of the most important steps. There are almost endless varieties - do you want your fringe to look extra thick, or are you going for length? If you just want a little boost to your lashes, consider individual lashes that you can glue on right where you need them. If you choose a full pair, press them against your lash line without glue to make sure they are the right length. Trim them from either end if they seem too wide.

Gluing the lashes on is probably the hardest part of wearing them. You only need a tiny dab of glue to get them to stick. Press them on starting at the inner corner of your eye and working outward, Lucky Magazine reports. Then it is time to apply your eye makeup palettes to blend the lashes in. Use a liquid eyeliner to line your eyes, since this will better fill in any gaps left between your false and real lashes.

You can use a blending brush to blend your eyeshadow colors right up to the lashline and hide any extra glue. Finish with just enough mascara to blend the false and real lashes to make them look cohesive.

When you are wearing false eyelashes, it is usually a good idea to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Wear bronzer and brush for a healthy glow, but pick a clear or pink lip gloss instead of red lips

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