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Just in time for the holiday season: New products from BH Cosmetics

With the start of fall comes the beginning of another wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. Ladies will soon be running around from store to store trying to find the best dresses to wear to upcoming parties, but no outfit is complete without the right makeup.

Luckily, BH Cosmetics has recently come out with all of the essential makeup products ladies will need to dazzle the room this holiday season.

Part of showing off what you've got to your friends and family is to wow them with your impeccable eye makeup, and BH has you covered with its new line of BH Eye Crayons. Not only will the crayons help you stand out, but the bold and beautiful hues may actually make the colder months seem less bland.

These large, thick crayons are multipurpose, as users can apply them as eyeliners or try them out as eyeshadow if they're looking to stand out. Girls looking for variety will want to check out these crayons as they come in hot shades like black (shadow), tan (vintage), dark brown (dare), purple (royalty), navy blue (sapphire), light blue (heavenly), forest green (huntress) and silver (crystal). With so many choices, ladies won't need to settle for boring eye makeup any longer.

These crayons may also be perfect for ladies on the go due to their ability to be used as both a liner and an eyeshadow. The smooth formula allows users to effortlessly glide the product on to define their eyes, or use as a tool for such styles as the smoky eye because the product is easily smudged as well. Plus, all of the products, except shadow, have a faint hint of shimmer in it to provide wearers with a subtle, soft glow. This type of style is perfect for the holiday season as all women want to have that certain sparkle or glow to impress their friends and family.

Another great product BH Cosmetics has unveiled is the 60 Color BH Day & Night Eyeshadow Palette. This is the optimal tool for women who head straight from the office and out for drinks with friends - whether during the holidays or anytime of the year - as the colors span from light and modest neutrals to more funky bright colors that help ladies stand out. Half of the eyeshadows are soft and sophisticated for daytime wear, while the remaining 30 colors are glamorous and perfect for layering. With so many options, ladies will no longer need to clutter their makeup bags with multiple palettes.

Not only does the palette come in a variety of shades, but the colors are also made up of both matte and shimmer finishes so you can choose what style works for you on any given day without having to buy multiple products. All the colors you could ever want are neatly packed into one palette. The collection is even suitable for women in a hurry, as the compact comes with a built in mirror, so ladies can check out the different hues on the go.

Let's face it, the holiday season is not all parties and fun, it can actually be quite stressful - having to buy the perfect presents for friends and family and ensuring you've done all the baking and cooking for parties, among other chores. With all this stress, sometimes ladies can develop an impromptu breakout on their faces and a pimple will certainly not go well with their sparkling dresses.

Luckily, BH Cosmetics recently came out with the perfect solution and its name is the Jumbo Concealer Pencil. The pencil is the optimal addition to any woman's makeup products, as it provides users with concealer on the go. The new pencil comes in three shades - fair, beige and olive - so ladies of all skin types are covered.

Not only is the product a great option for hiding blemishes or covering up dark spots or circles, but the unique formula does so in the most natural way, which is essential, especially when visiting friends and family. There is perhaps nothing worse than having a pimple, other than having one with bad cover-up on top of it. The creamy, waterproof pencil allows ladies to look flawless all day long without having to worry about it rubbing off or smudging. Plus, the large concealer tip makes it easier to cover up an unsightly mark in one easy swoop, rather than having to use multiple applications. The pencils can easily be sharpened to new again using a BH Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener.

Thick eyebrows are currently all the rage, and while some ladies may have this look down pat, women who want full brows can rock them just in time for holiday parties. BH Cosmetics recently released a new collection of Automatic Eyebrow Pencils that work to cover up any brow imperfections or to help certain people gain gorgeous eyebrows in an instant.

The Automatic Eyebrow Pencils create the perfect eyebrows easily, as the silky texture allows you to blend the color into your natural eyebrows, erasing harsh lines and offering the most natural look possible. The pencil glides on smoothly, while also being precise, so you'll achieve your desired look with ease every time. The style of the pencil allows it to keep its sharp tip without the use of a sharpener. This feature is optimal for ladies on the go, as they won't need to carry around extra makeup products to look their best.

The pencils come in a variety of unique shades including blonde, soft brunette and brunette, ensuring there is a hue that works for all hair types.

These products are not only a perfect reason for a girl to treat herself, but she could also drop hints that she wants them for as presents to her friends and family.

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