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Keep a pretty face this summer

The warm months can pose certain challenges for makeup-loving divas out there. Not only is it harder to plan in the summer - you never know when you may want to go for a spontaneous dip in your friend's pool - but it also is the time of year when humidity, thunderstorms and other inclement weather patterns are present. You may be wondering what you can and can't wear over the summer months, and Glamour Magazine recently broke down all you'll need to know.

Change up your base routine

An easy way to go from winter to summer is to switch out your current foundation for a lighter, more appropriate product. Ditch your heavy foundation for either an oil-free powder foundation or a gel-based liquid product, which will stay in place all day.

InStyle Magazine suggests ladies apply a layer of face primer before adding on foundation in order to help the foundation stay in place - rather than on your clothes or your boyfriend's cheek!

Pick the perfect powder

If you apply powder on your face to hide imperfections and to even out your skin tone, you're not alone. However, your go-to product may not be doing its job in the summer, makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor told Glamour.

"Your regular powder may not be controlling shine! Mineral and silica based powders cannot physically absorb oil," Sotomayor told the publication. "They actually just cover it up temporarily. Choose a formula with oil-absorbing ingredients like talc and rice powder. And no, talc doesn't clog pores. It actually absorbs moisture and provides some coverage."

Blot, blot, blot!

A great way to avoid shine this summer is to keep a pack of oil-blotting papers in your purse or backpack. These little papers help soak up nasty oil slicks on your face, without messing up your makeup. Tip: if you run out of these papers, simply separate a two-ply tissue and press the single layer on your skin for similar results.

Easy does it with the washing

With the oil, the humidity and more, many ladies are constantly dabbing and washing their face to feel fully clean. Although it's important to wash your face a few times a day - think when you wake up and before you go to bed - an overkill of cleaning can actually cause more problems.

According to Sotomayor, using harsh face washes and toners actually kick oil-production into overdrive, as the skin is trying to overcompensate for what it lost. Instead, stick to a gentle cleanser and a two times or less a day washing. 

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