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Keep safety in mind when using makeup

Fashionistas out there may assume they know everything when it comes to applying cosmetics, but even makeup fanatics could benefit from a refresher course in makeup safety. Teen Vogue Magazine recently broke down the do's and don'ts of makeup and ladies should embrace the guidance.

According to Philippe Chansel, the creative director of a makeup manufacturer, the key to keeping cosmetics usable is to always make sure your makeup bag and brushes are clean.

"The first thing to remember is to keep your makeup and makeup bag clean," Chansel told the publication. "That means washing brushes, sponges and puffs regularly (every one to two weeks). Doing this is better for your skin and your colors come out truer instead of muddy."

Cleaning your makeup brushes right can improve their lifespan as well. InStyle Magazine reports ladies should soak their fine liner brushes, blending brushes and your kabuki brush in dish detergent to help break down oils and pigment that can build up in the bristles. When drying, make sure to lay the brushes out flat on a paper towel - standing them upright in a cup or dish can actually cause the base of the brushes to rot.

Teen Vogue Magazine reports that liquid or cream-based makeup is more susceptible to developing bacteria growth, so you should switch out these products every few months to avoid infections. However, powder products like blush or bronzer can keep for a few years, as long as you keep the products clean.

Other tips include keeping your makeup away from heat and out of direct sunlight for longer life spans of the products. Chansel suggests keeping lip gloss, lipsticks and foundations for a year or less.

"It's like your wardrobe - you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it," Chansel told the news outlet.  

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