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Learn the look: Best makeup trends based on your hair color

Some ladies may have heard that they're supposed to plan their makeup look off their eye color in order to enhance whatever color their peepers are. However, some may be less familiar with the concept of creating makeup styles based on their hair color. According to Shape Magazine, different shades create unique lighting and shadows, which is why using makeup that complements black, brown, blonde or red hair is key in looking incredible.

Brunette beauties
Brunettes will want to achieve a glowing, easy-breezy style. For the face, ladies with dark locks should first apply a tinted moisturizer to help freshen their complexion. Next, they should swipe on a sun-kissed bronzer on their cheekbones and the bridge of their noses for definition, a makeup artist told the news source. Finish off the face wearing a rosy-colored product on the apples of the cheeks for a "muted burst of color."

Eye makeup for brunettes starts with warm eyeshadows like gold, bronze and burgundy.

"These shades help make the eyes look larger and bring out the hues of the hair color," the artist told the publication.

Using a brown liner over traditional black will also work to soften dark locks.

"Line right at the root of the lashes with a black liner, and then line eyes per usual with brown liner," the makeup artist told the news outlet. "This will give depth dimension and really make eyes pop without looking too harsh."

Dark-haired beauties are able to rock much more bold hues on their lips, so this is where they should have fun. Try unique shades this fall like a deep plum or a wine-colored red to sass up any look.

Blonde babes
Blondes are famous for being more fun, and their makeup should emphasize this persona. Blonde beauties should enhance their style based on their skin tones.

"If you’re a golden blonde, which has a more yellow-ish tone, stick to warm peaches and neutral pinks. If you're a natural beachy blonde, think sun-kissed: golds, bronzes, and nothing too pink," the makeup guru told the magazine. "Whatever your degree of blonde, make your face stand out by dusting highlighters on the brow bone, around the eye, above the cheekbone, and a smidge on top of the bridge of the nose."

For the eyes, blonde ladies should stray from using heavy black eyeliner and should instead try something funkier for fall. The artist recommends blondes embrace the fall feelings by using an eggplant-toned eyeliner instead, smudge the color up to act as fun eyeshadow as well.

"Use an eggplant or dark hue, line as closely to your lashes as you can, then smudge and soften the line with a small angled brush," the artist told Shape.

When it comes to lip colors, blondes need to stick to the soft shades, mainly in the pink family. Hues like bubblegum pink, hot pink and muted pink-peach tones complement the light hair and help bring out the features on blondes' faces.

Ravishing reds
Redheads can sometimes make the mistake of trying to match their makeup to their hair (red lips, rosy cheeks, etc.). Although a little red here or there is acceptable, it isn't the ideal style.

Instead, ladies with lovely red locks should go for a light pink-toned blush on their cheeks to complement their features, rather than overpower them.

In the eye makeup department, redheads should opt for colors in the green spectrum, as hues in this family are the most complementing as a whole.

"Rich colors like green, olive, hunter, and chocolate really stand out on redheads since they're opposites," the makeup expert told the publication. "Apply a light shimmery champagne color shadow just underneath the bottom lashes to really make eyes sparkle."

The perfect lip colors for red headed mavens include subtle pinks or nude glosses as many lip shades tend to clash with red tones.

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