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Learn to love winged eyeshadow

For most fashionistas, trying new eye makeup trends is one of the best things ever. Not only do ladies get to dazzle in unique and gorgeous ways, but they are also able to stand out from their friends who are less ahead of the curve. A stylish trend emerging this season is the winged-out eyeshadow style and Lauren Conrad broke down the fab look on her blog, The Beauty Department.

For this trend, you'll need products used to create a smokey eye including charcoal and dark gray shadow, as well as black eyeliner and mascara.

Start this sassy look by first applying the smokey eye makeup. Apply a primer on your top lids and allow the product to set for between one and two minutes. Next, swipe on the charcoal hue on your top lids up to the crease lines and out past your brow lines in a thick application, then switch to the gray hue from the crease lines and a bit above for major definition.

When the shadow is perfect, grab a baby wipe or a moist paper towel and hold it from the side of your nose to the end of your brow, this helps create the perfect angle for the winged out style. Take the wipe and pull it back in a swift motion from the outer corners and up toward your brow lines. This step will wipe off some of the eyeshadow but that is how the wing look is formed, so it's necessary. The line created should be the perfect wing style, though if it is not, simply take off the makeup and try again.

To enhance the style even more, grab the eyeliner and swipe it on from the inner corners and out past your brow lines at the outer corners, following the line you made using the wipe. Make the look more dramatic by then applying a thick layer of eyeliner on your bottom lids and have it connect to the wing on top.

With such powerful peepers, you'll want to keep the rest of your look simple. Try applying a peach-toned product on the apples of your cheeks and up and out toward your temples for a natural look and dab on a light pink or muted berry lipstick on your pout. This fashion-forward style is sure to garner plenty of attention. 

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