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Looking ahead: Learn what's hot for spring 2013

The dark days of winter are here, but fashionistas have something to look forward to. From funky lip hues to bold eye makeup trends, there is plenty to be thankful for when it comes to makeup and fashion in the near future. Harper's Bazaar recently broke down what ladies have to anticipate when the weather turns warmer.

Regal in red
Some fashion experts thought red lips would be out with the last snowflake, but the magazine isn't so sure. Instead, ladies will still be able to stun in lovely shades of red, ranging from creamy scarlet to bold crimson and of course, candy apple.

For the best application, start by lining your lips in a red pencil that closely matches the lipstick shade you'll be applying. This will help accentuate your lips' unique shape and make them seem poutier. To keep the style chic, opt for a matte finish over a glossy version.

Enjoy your eyeliner
One beauty product that is here to stay in winter and next spring is eyeliner. The experts report eye makeup styles like the smokey eye and the cat eye will continue to be popular well into 2013, so fashionistas who love these trends can rest easy.

For spring, feel free to dazzle with retro-inspired liner looks or more intense deep charcoal smokey peepers. Models at the recent Chanel show rocked a gorgeous play on eyeliner during the fashion house's spring 2013 runway show. The makeup artist first lined the ladies' eyes in thin black liner that was smudged a bit for more drama. The artist then swiped on tons of platinum-toned shadow on the models' top lids, creating a gorgeous contrast that is easy to achieve.

Full lashes
When it comes to helping your eyes pop in spring, volumizing and full lashes are the way to go, according to the beauty experts at the magazine. To rock this style right, you'll need to invest in a few products, including an eyelash primer, an eyelash curler and mascara with a volumizing formula. If you want to go extra bold, grab a few sets of false lashes to keep in your makeup bag.

To enhance your lashes, start by using the curler to elongate and shape the lashes. Next, swipe on a layer of the primer on top and bottom and wait a minute or so for it to set. From here, grab the mascara and either apply it in one swoop from the roots of the lashes and up, or coat each strand individually holding the wand vertically.

Other styles to get excited for include thick eyebrows, bold eyeshadow colors and dewy complexions.

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