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Major makeup must haves on vacation

April vacation is finally here and that means it's also one step closer to summer. Summer is a great time for ladies to check out potential colleges and take fun road trips or vacations with their friends and families. Although fashionistas may be more concerned with their style and accessories, packing the perfect cosmetics is also key to having a fabulous and worry-free trip.

Glamour Magazine recently broke down the top carry on essentials to ensure no diva leaves home without the right makeup palettes or lip color.

Hand sanitizer/moisturizer

Let's face it ladies, no one wants to head out on a vacation only to pick up a stomach bug on the way to the flight. Germs are everywhere, even in the hot summer months. This is why it's important for ladies to pack travel size lotion and hand sanitizers to be able to wash away any germs at the airport or on the flight. Try to find one with a light scent that is also moisturizing to avoid dry skin.

Tinted primer

Most girls don't think about hiding imperfections while on vacation, but pimples and other skin woes can pop up anytime, anywhere, so it's always better to be prepared. Before heading off on your tropical getaway, try to find a face primer that is both close to your skin tone and has a bit of shimmer or self tanner to give you a perfect glow. Make sure to bring along makeup brushes to spread the product on your face evenly for the most natural coverage possible.

InStyle Magazine reports the tinted primer can also help cover up dark circles or puffy under eyes that can spring up due to travel or late nights out.

Go to makeup

Every lady has a signature look they wear, from specific colored eyeshadow to a favorite lip gloss or even blush.  Although you may assume you're going to go all natural on the island, it's best to pack a few essentials - what if you meet a cute guy? To cover all options, it may be smart to invest in a 120 eyeshadow palette so you have plenty of colors to choose from. You should also bring along one lip gloss - either clear or a light pink option, bronzer, blush and mascara.

Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows can be finicky and on vacation these hairs tend to lighten up. To make sure your eyes always look perfect on your trip, pack a brow pencil or a brown eyeliner to touch up any imperfections.  

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