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Make your blush look natural

Blush can be a blessing and a curse as just enough of the product can help you look fresh-faced and perky, while too much can easily have you resembling Bozo the Clown. It can be hard to find a happy medium between the two, which is why Glamour Magazine recently got some tips from the experts. This way, ladies everywhere can look like they just went for a refreshing hike, rather than they just attended their first day of clown college.

Debunking the myths
According to Glamour, many girls out there are under the impression that brighter blush hues look better on the skin. However, this is simply not the case, a makeup artist told the fashion experts. Instead, the hue should be a similar shade to your natural complexion.

"Blush should look believable and not obvious, unlike eyeshadows or lip colors that can be dramatic, if that's the look you're going for," the makeup artist told the publication. "When it comes to cheek colors, stick to what works and look believable, like it's your own color coming through."

Blending or bust
After you have selected a few makeup products that seem like they match up with your natural coloring, it's time to try them out. The artist reports the trick to making sure your cheeks light up without looking overdone is to blend thoroughly using a specific brush.

"I prefer to use a big dome-shaped brush to spread color sheerly so you can gradually build intensity, as opposed to going full-on bright circles at once," he told the news source.

After you brush on your blush, blend around the edges using a sponge.

"Blending it down makes the color even sheerer and more believable looking," the makeup artist told the magazine. "You can use just a regular wedge-shaped foundation sponge to do this."

Keep shimmer-infused blushes for nighttime affairs
Having a golden hue is the goal of most ladies during the summer months, but the same rule does not apply during the colder seasons. The makeup artist reports using a shimmering style blush on your cheeks during the daytime hours can seem fake or too obvious.

"In daylight it'll look fake and the shimmer will make your skin look more dry and bumpy," he told the news outlet.

Instead, stick to a matte- or cream-based blush for the day and opt to use one with a touch of shimmer at night, as the restaurants, clubs and more will have dimmer lighting during the later hours.

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