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Makeup must-haves for April

April is certainly the gateway to summer as it is not only the official start of spring, but it is also when Earth Day and the amazing Coachella music festival take place. Whether you're starting to attend the season's hottest concerts, or just trying to impress that cute guy from your biology class, having the right cosmetics is sure to keep you the center of attention wherever you are. The style experts at ELLE Magazine recently reported on the top products and makeup trends to try out this April and beyond.

Military hues

Summer is all about looking fresh-faced and dewy, which means it's time to retire that old smokey eye. Instead, the magazine suggests fashion-forward ladies try on warmer eye makeup in natural tones like copper and golds, charcoal, and variety of greens and blues. Not only with this help you stand out, but it will also enhance your newly bronzed skin. It may be beneficial to purchase a 120 eyeshadow palette so you have plenty of options and colors to choose from.

Glamour Magazine reports stars like Selena Gomez have been seen rocking the military shades. While appearing on "The Jay Leno Show," Gomez wore a ton of shimmery army fatigue green eyeshadow.

Color blocking

Coloring blocking is no longer just for clothes, as ELLE magazine points out this colorful style can also be a hot trend for your eyes. The source suggests ladies pick up a few bright-toned eyeliner pencils or makeup brushes that can be used to apply bright eyeshadow as eyeliner.

Ladies looking to try out this trend should incorporate colors like hot pink and tangerine. Start by using eye primer to keep the colors in place and then line the top lids in one color and the bottom lids in the other shade. This will give you a surprising pop of fun in an unlikely place.

InStyle Magazine reports two-toned eyeshadow is also making an appearance this spring/summer. Stars like Freida Pinto and Katy Perry are fans of this style. For eyeshadow, the key is to use one natural shade like gray or brown and one bright color like orange or pink.

Waterproof brights

Looking your best can pose some new challenges during the warmer months as ladies need to fight humidity, high temperatures and the urge to go for a spontaneous swim. There's nothing worse than hanging out with your crush and him asking you to go for a dip while wearing a face full of makeup. We all know how this scenario plays out - you dive in and your complexion turns from glowing and perfect to a watercolor mess. Avoid this issue altogether by using waterproof products. Add some color to your face with BH Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Liners that come in tons of fun summer-infused hues. Apply eye primer before the eyeliner to really help the product stick.

Airy bronzer/blush

The last thing girls want to do in the hot summer months is cover their face in heavy and thick bronzer or blush. However, these products work to help enhance your cheekbones and your overall complexion so wearing either is a must. Instead of sticking with your standard face primer, pick up some new, lighter products for spring/summer. Because your skin will be darker during these months, you have a lot more options when it comes to colors you can use. The "it" color of the season is orange, so it may be fun to pick up a bronzer or blush with tangerine or peach undertones. However, going with a bright pink blush is also perfect for summertime.

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