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Move mountains this fall with the perfect makeup

Fall is here and with it comes cold weather, fabulous foliage and plenty of time to cuddle up next to your beau. If you are looking for ways to enhance or even change up your current makeup routine, Allure is here to help. The style experts have looked at the top trends in makeup for fall and winter and many of the most popular colors and techniques are going to have fashionistas screaming for joy.

Deep cherry lips
Most ladies may know that wine-inspired lipsticks are all the rage this fall, and the magazine took this one step further. Instead of going for dark purple hues, why not try something a bit more fun such as black cherry lipsticks?

Wearing such a dark and daring color does come with some demands, so you'll need to practice the application to get it right. To begin, find a lip liner that matches up with the lipstick hue and apply it along the outer edges of your lips - this helps to ensure the lipstick won't run. Next, use a brush to swipe on the lipstick starting from the middle of your lips and moving out toward the edges. Tip: Try finding a stiff brush to avoid any mishaps or smudging. Add a few coats of the product to enhance its power.

To avoid looking washed out by the bold lips, always swipe on a touch of blush on your cheeks to create a flushed, healthy complexion.

Matted mauve
Mauve seems to be stealing the show this season, and ladies everywhere need to pick up eyeshadow palettes with this smoky gray/purple hue. The eyeshadow can be used not only to dress up your peepers, but also as an accent on your cheeks too.

When trying to wear mauve on your cheeks, the makeup experts suggest swiping it on below your cheekbones and then adding a layer of shimmering pink blush on top for a lovely mix. If you're opting to try mauve colors on your lips, enhance the hue even further by swiping on a rose-toned gloss on top to give it some sass.

Other fall and winter trends to try include wearing dark green and gold eyeshadows because "unlike bright lime or pastel mint, dark green is super flattering on all skin tones," a makeup artist told the news outlet.

The artist went on to divulge that greens and golds are just as versatile as browns and grays, they are just more fashion-forward.

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