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Party makeup styles that stand out

We are currently in the swing of party season and for many ladies, this means it's time to show off their best clothes, makeup and accessories. There is no better way to stand out from a crowd than by showing off your flair for ultra sassy makeup trends. Glamour Magazine recently discussed the ultimate party makeup styles that will help you shine at your next fete.

Stellar smokey eyes
Nothing says, "I'm the center of attention," quite like smokey eyes. Whether you opt to go for the traditional black on gray style, or are into mixing it up with a warmer gold and brown trend, the smokey eye still reigns supreme. The experts at the magazine report ladies should use scotch tape as a guide when trying to wing out eyeshadow past the brow lines for this look.

Nude gloss with dark eyes
Another fabulous party look to try is wearing nude lipstick or gloss on your pout and pairing it with darker eye makeup.

To achieve this style, start by working on your eyes. In order to enhance your peepers, swipe on a lighter cream- or gold-toned eyeshadow up to your crease lines and at the inner corners. Next, take a black pencil liner and apply it at the inner corners and out past your brow lines, making it thicker as it goes. When the line is perfect, use a black liquid liner to go over it and make it shine. Finish the eyes with mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

When the eyes are perfect, move on to the lips. Try using either a nude lipstick or one that is a shade warmer in the peach or light pink family. Swipe on a few coats of clear gloss to create a perfect glow.

Be bold with funky colors
Ladies who aren't afraid to stand out and look lovely in their own ways may want to try something a bit more eye catching. The "it" color of 2012 was tangerine, so if you're attending a New Year's Eve bash, what better way to say goodbye than by honoring the past year in this hue?

Wearing bold tangerine lipstick on your pout is totally sassy and will look perfect whether you're wearing a little black dress or a fun patterned frock. Pair this style with modest eye makeup - try applying gold eyeshadow on your top lids and then rim your lids in black eyeliner. 

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