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Style tips for fall

The weather outside will soon be frightful and although you may not be ready to turn in your cute frocks for thick sweaters, it's better to be prepared for what's to come. Part of getting ready for a new season is figuring out what styles are popular - from boots and leggings to hairstyles and makeup trends - there is really so much you need to know before fall arrives. This is why Glamour Magazine recently broke down exactly what styles will be popular this fall, so you can have an edge over you friends.

Side ponytails
Nothing says "I love fall" quite like a sassy and adorable side ponytail. This style is chic and easy and will make you seem relaxed and stylish all at the same time. Stars like Jordin Sparks have been rocking the side pony and you should too.

Pair the simple look with equally as fresh makeup. A touch of pink blush on your cheeks and a neutral-palette smoky eye is sure to impress. Enhance your pout with a cranberry lipstick in a matte finish.

Pink lips
Just because the outdoors may start to get a bit dreary over the next few months, it doesn't mean your makeup has to follow suit. In fact, the experts at Glamour report one of the hottest trends for fall/winter 2012 is hot pink lips. Leading lady Alicia Keys has been known to step up her style with fuchsia lips and you need to try it out too.

With a bold pop of color like this, it's best to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Try a touch of sun-kissed bronzer or a cream blush on your cheeks and enhance your eyes with black eyeliner and shimmering gold eyeshadow to stand out without going overboard.

Blue eyeliner
Your face may get a few shades paler in the fall, so a great way to distract from it is to focus people's attention on your stunning peepers. The best way to do that this season is using navy blue or aqua eyeliner.

Glamour reports this hue is a great alternative to standard black or brown and can really help set you apart from the crowd. Apply the color like you would your regular eyeliner, or make it thicker on your top lids to have it act as bold eyeshadow.

Other trends to try include retro hair and makeup - think bold lips and bouffant hair, braids, braids and more braids and finally fuller, thick eyebrows.

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