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The most important rules of mascara

Mascara is a friend to most ladies for its ability to gently coat their lashes, giving them added volume and major dark drama to enhance their eye makeup and help them stand out from the crowds. Even though this product is a staple in most women's makeup bags, purses and more, some may be surprised to learn they're not wearing it as well as they could be.

Allure Magazine recently addressed all there is to know about the fabulous product that is mascara and fashionistas everywhere need to pay attention.

Learn the brushes
When it comes to mascara, variety is certainly the spice of life. There are many different types of mascara and wands that come in unique shapes and widths, all serving a specific purpose, the news source reports. Despite the fact that wands are important, a makeup artist admits ladies should look at the different formulas as well to achieve certain looks perfectly.

A formula that has resins and waxes will help promote an exaggerated curl to the lashes, while lengthening formulas that contain nylon fibers help to extend shorter lashes. Tip: take a close look at your lashes to figure out what type of product you actually need, this will help you determine which formula to try.

Black beats out the rest
Trying out funky mascara hues can be fun for special occasions, however when it comes to perfecting your look, you can never go wrong with basic black.

"The whole point of mascara is to enhance the shape of the eye and define the lashes, and it should be visible, or you won't get that effect," the artist told the publication.

Those who just can't get enough of colors should at the very least go for hues that will enhance their eye hues. Purple products work best on people with green, blue and hazel eyes while blue and green mascara is a great contrast for ladies with brown eyes.

Invest in an eyelash curler
Eyelash curlers may seem a bit scary to the untrained eye, however these old-fashion devices have been around for so long because they work. The tool enhances the length of your lashes while also giving them a sassy curl. The trick to achieving optimal success with the curler is when you use it.

"The key is to use it before applying mascara, because the mascara can stick to the curler, causing some lashes to be pulled out," the makeup guru told the magazine.

Other mascara tricks to live by include applying the product on your lower lashes as well as the top ones and removing clumps using a clean spooley brush.

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