All About Beauty Essentials (68)
The universally flattering cosmetics you have to have

It's always fun to swap makeup with friends, but not all makeup colors are equal opportunity. You might wish your eyes popped as much as your best friend's when she wears that shimmery bronze eyeshadow, but you find it makes your face look dull. Many makeup palettes are designed with certain skin tones in mind, but there are some hot trends this season that look fantastic on all of us.

Purple eyeshadow

Purple is often touted as one of the best types of eyeshadow for green eyes, but the vibrant grape-popsicle hue that is trendy this season works on all girls. Whether your skin is alabaster or ebony, your eyes icy blue or deep chestnut, you can wear this regal hue.

Make sure you choose a perfectly balanced purple - just enough red and blue so it doesn't have too much of an eggplant or indigo look, Allure Magazine recommends.

Peach blush

Blush is one of those cosmetics that you kind of have to choose based on your skin tone, but peach is a hue that works for everyone. It complements warm skin tones and gives a nice glow to cooler toned skin. If your skin is super light, apply this blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you have dark skin, wear it up on your cheekbones like a highlighter, the magazine recommends. 

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