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Think your boyfriend doesn't notice your makeup? Think again

Many girls think guys notice every tiny detail of their appearance, and get upset when their boyfriend doesn't say anything about their new eyeshadow shade. Others assume men don't notice or care about any of our beauty techniques. While all men are different, some cosmetics do have the power to influence your guy, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Too much lipstick can be a deterrent to men, since many see it as a barrier to your lips. They tend to see it as something that will get on their skin and clothes, which prevents them from getting close and giving you a big smooch. Instead, try a flavored lip gloss or balm, so every kiss tastes as sweet as it feels, the news outlet reports. That said, he probably won't notice if you forget lipstick, so don't freak out if you do!

In fact, some observations of men have been scientifically proven, according to Cosmo. Men are biologically wired to notice signs of a woman's health. That means that while he might not notice if your roots need touching up or you are wearing your eyeshadow differently, he will notice if your hair is unhealthy looking or your eyes are bloodshot.

Glamour Magazine reports that there seems to be a divide between "guy pretty" and "girl pretty." For example, guys tend to like long hairstyles better on women, while girls admire ladies who rock a trendy pixie cut. Men also generally like more natural-looking makeup, like plain mascara, while girls like to try out all kinds of fun eyeshadow colors and trends.

However, there are plenty of trends that men and women can agree on. Bright, fun nail polish is one, the magazine reports. Another is shimmery lip gloss. 

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