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Top beauty trends to try in 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and this not only means it's time for girls to start thinking of resolutions, but also to revamp their looks. Ladies everywhere will need to be out with 2012 and all its beautiful makeup trends and in with the funky and fresh ways of 2013. In order to give fashionistas an upper hand, Allure Magazine recently broke down exactly what looks will be hot in the year to come.

Copper shadow
The year 2012 was all about metallics such as silver and gold. The magazine reports 2013 will have a similar attitude, though ladies will want to search out copper-toned makeup instead. The beauty experts believe copper offers women a more grown-up and sassy take on other metallic shades. Make copper even more stunning by pairing it with smudged black eyeliner to give your eyes definition.

Plum blush
Some fashionistas might not have plum come to mind when thinking about blush colors, but in fact it can actually be one of the most elegant and natural hues of all. The color may be best worn during the colder months, as it offers wearers a fresh pop of brightness and a healthy glow.

"Sheer plum blush gives cheeks a flushed, fresh, athletic look," a makeup artist told the news outlet.

Electrifying liners
Eyeliner got a bit of a makeover in 2012 with bold colors like electric blue and forest green, and things will continue to get brighter in 2013. According to the news source, the coming year will be all about sky blue liner and eyeshadow. Both ways are acceptable, but fashionistas may want to opt to wearing it as liner in order to avoid it looking too 80s or costumey. Swipe the hue on under your bottom lids for a gorgeous and surprising pop of color.

Hot pink lips
Deep reds and purple hues were all the rage for lipstick in 2012, but 2013 is expected to get a bit more playful. The makeup artist told Allure the New Year will focus on bright hues like hot pink for lips that will help ladies stand out and dazzle. Girls with lighter skin may look best in a traditional hot pink hue, while women with darker complexions will shine wearing a fuchsia color.

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