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Top makeup trends to take away from 2012

Ladies everywhere will soon be ringing in the New Year, and although many will be excited about the future, when it comes to makeup it's a good idea to remember the past. Fashion trends of 2012 had their fair share of ups and downs, and Glamour Magazine recently discussed the best to come out of the year.

Unconventional eyeliner
One of the best looks to happen in 2012 was going outside the box in terms of eyeliner. Sure, many girls love the way a traditional black brings out their eyes, but some fashionistas learned the power of color this year, as well as the cat-eye trend.

From rocking bright blue or green liner on your bottom lids to creating a double line past your brow lines, eyeliner was anything but boring this past year.

Wine-toned lips
Another popular trend in fall and winter 2012 was the use of deep red and purple lipsticks. Stars like Camilla Belle and Naomi Watts stunned the red carpets with their bold pouts, and luckily, ladies can still rock these defining shades for a few months into 2013.

The trick to wearing bold lipstick is all about the prep work. When rocking reds, always smooth your lips first to remove any imperfections and use a liner beforehand to keep the color in its rightful spot.

Golden hues
2011 can take credit for the smokey eye makeup, while 2012 certainly stole the golden vibes. Big name stars like Megan Fox and Blake Lively were seen strutting their stuff down various red carpets looking lighter than ever.

Golden hues were used as eyeshadow, bronzer and even as lipstick, so ladies have plenty of options when it comes to being golden girls in the New Year. Feel free to mix golds with other fresh colors such as peach or light pink to make the look your own.

Less is more
In most cases, ladies seem to add more makeup to their looks rather than take it off. However, this was not what happened in 2012. Instead, women went for the au-natural style by rocking minimal products.

Glamour reports this trend works best for a Sunday brunch with friends or a casual movie date with your beau. The trick to looking perfect in this style is using a few products (light bronzer, peach eyeshadow) to enhance what you've already got.

Other looks like tangerine and coral lipstick, metallic smokey-eyes and big eyebrows also made a name for themselves in 2012. 

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