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Top ways to test makeup

Figuring out the right shade of eyeshadow, lipstick or blush can be challenging, especially since you can't really try out most beauty products on your skin before buying. Although this can lead to some stress or struggles while at the counter, Allure Magazine reports there are ways to make an educated guess when shopping.


Foundation or face primer is one of the most important beauty products ladies have in their makeup bags. Not only does this item help hide any imperfections, but it also works to smooth and create an even skin tone on your entire face. In some instances you'll be able to test out products in the store. In this case, the magazine reports the best place to try out the various hues is on your neck, as it has more "uniform color than your face." Picking a shade that closely matches this region will offer the most natural look.

If you're unable to test the product, don't fret, you can still buy a great selection. Whether buying online or in store, try to hold up your current foundation to the one you're thinking about purchasing. This will help you narrow down similar matches. Once you have a few in mind, consider your skin type. If you have oily skin, look for a matte or cream-to-powder product for best results. If you have normal or dry skin, try a satin cream or one with a luminous finish to give off a glow.


Selecting a concealer is similar to selecting a foundation, except with this product, always go lighter if you're unsure. When searching for a new concealer, you may actually want to invest in two different types, the magazine reports. Peach- and pink-based concealers work best to hide under eye circles, but won't help cover up any blemishes or other skin woes. So, you should also purchase a yellow-based version for these issues. Once you have a few choices in mind, bring the products home. If the color isn't exactly perfect, dab a bit of your foundation on top to blend.

Glamour Magazine reports what you use to apply your foundation and concealer can make a difference in how well the products blend together. Using a brush is the best option, as this will help prevent any lines or caked edges from occurring.


Blush is another beauty must-have that can be challenging to pick out without trying it on. If you are able to test the product in a store, Allure suggests applying it on the back of your hand so you can see how it looks in different lighting. If you're buying online or in a store without testing options, the best bet is to look for a cream-based product. These varieties tend to blend more naturally than powder options. Ladies with fair skin look best in pink or rose shades, while medium to dark complexions stand out more with shades like raisin or mauve.


Purchasing eyeshadow can be a lot of fun, especially since there are so many colors to choose from these days. If you're looking for a new variety and are able to test it, try it on the back of your hand using a cotton swab. Using your fingers can get oil mixed in with the product, so it may not look exactly as it would if you were using a brush. When buying online or in a store without samples, it's best to first figure out what you're looking for. If you're interested in an everyday neutral, select a shimmery pink or beige product if you have light skin and a warm brown with golden specks if you have a darker complexion.

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