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Ways to feel fabulous everyday

When it comes to trying new trends, many fashionistas are up for anything. However, finding a go-to look for brunch, a movie date with a cute guy or a girls' shopping trip may actually be more difficult to lock in. Self Magazine understands your troubles, which is why the writers on staff recently broke down the best everyday looks for ladies to try out.

Get cheeky
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to show off your natural good looks is to enhance your cheeks, especially during the windy winter months. Gorgeous flushed cheeks are a major fashion statement, but always look simple and effortless.

For this style, first grab an illuminating cream that you can apply directly on your cheeks, acting as a brightening base. Next, pick up a light pink cream-based blush and apply a dollop of the product directly on the apples of your cheeks. Now use your finger to mix the product on your cheeks and all the way up to the top of your cheekbones in a big circular motion.

Some girls may want to finish the style with a powder-based product to help lock in the look, but the experts say to refrain, instead going after a more dewy complexion.

Warm smokey eye
Another makeup trend to try anytime is the warmer version of the smokey eye. This style calls for fashionistas to put down their charcoal and deep gray eyeshadow in exchange for colors in the copper, bronze and gold family.

To rock this style right, start by swiping the copper or bronze hue on your top lids up to the crease lines. Next, apply the gold hue from the crease lines up to the brow lines and add a bit more at the inner corners to soften up the copper hue. When the colors are blended, grab a chocolate brown eyeliner and rim your eyes in the warm hue, finish the style with tons of mascara.

Pretty in peach
One way to warm up this winter is by rocking peach-inspired makeup. For this look, you'll want to swipe on cream-based peach eyeshadow on your top lids starting in the center and fanning the product out to either side.

Continuing with the peach vibe, grab a peach-based blush that is about one shade darker than the eyeshadow and swipe it on the apples of your cheeks, spreading it out and up toward your temples.

Complete the peachy-keen style by swiping peach-toned gloss on your perfect pout. 

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