All About Beauty Essentials (68)
What is makeup primer?

When you are reading makeup how-tos online, many times the experts recommend starting your makeup palette off with a primer before applying foundation, blush, bronzer or eye makeup. Primer is one of the lesser known cosmetics, especially among younger beauty queens, but it can make a huge difference if you use it right.

Most primers are made with ingredients that make your skin feel extra smooth, according to Applying face primer before everything else makes your makeup glide on smoother and stay on longer. You know how foundation can look streaky or get creased? Primer takes care of that, giving your skin a seemingly-flawless look.

Eye primer works in a similar way to face primer, but has the added benefit of helping the color palette you chose stick. Are you planning on trying out the most vibrant eyeshadow for green eyes for an event this summer? Applying eye primer will help the colors look just as good at midnight as they did when you applied them earlier in the day. You have probably also experienced eyeshadow that creases along your lids or gets streaky when it mixes with the oils of your skin. Primer makes it glide on smooth and stay that way. 

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