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What makeup to rock now

Fall is here and for most ladies, it's the season to bundle up in layers and enjoy wearing comfy leggings and bold boots. Although your style may get a bit more comfortable during the colder months, your makeup trends still need to be on point. The Guardian recently broke down the top ways ladies can still shine through the snowy and gray weather this fall and winter.

Bold eye accents
Bright trends continue to be popular and a great way to add a splash of boldness to your style this winter is through pops of neon or electric hues on your eyes. Fun trends to try out include wearing bright shades of eyeliner to highlight your top lids for a surprising style. For this look, pick up an electric blue eyeliner and use it to create a cat eye style. Not only will the blue garner all the attention at that upcoming party, but taking the risk proves you're carefree and awesome.

Another fab way to help your eye makeup stand out during the dreary months is to use black eyeliner in surprising places. A great way to spruce up your standard eye makeup is to first apply gold eyeshadow on your top lids to the crease lines. Then grab your black pencil liner and use it to line the creases from the middle of the lid and out toward your outer corners. Bring it out to your brow lines and then move the line down, creating a box design. Fill it in with the liner and then apply a topcoat of liquid liner to help it pop.

If you're into something a bit more mod, try enhancing your peepers through graphic makeup. For this style, you'll need both pencil and liquid black eyeliner. Take the pencil version first and start applying it from the inner corners of your top lids and out and up toward the end of your brows at an angle. Make the product get thicker as you go up. Next, outline the shape in the liquid liner and fill in the space on your lids. Finish the style by swiping on a few layers of mascara.

Modern neutrals
Although eye makeup is meant to be bold this fall and winter, your complexion should be played down. To rock blush and and other products perfectly, start by picking up colors that closely match to your natural coloring. Next, try on the different shades in bad lighting - such as in your bathroom or the in the office - to see how it will look in real life. Once you find a hue that is simple, yet gives off a healthy glow, stick with it. Make the style a bit dewier by mixing in a touch of Vaseline on your cheekbones. 

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