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Winter skin care tips to live by

Winter will literally be here on December 21, but many around the nation are already feeling the chill. Despite the fact that fashionistas need to make bundling up look chic, they must also try extra hard to ensure their skin looks fab and fresh amid the changes in weather. Allure Magazine recently dished out its best advice for keeping a pretty face all winter long.

Take shorter, cooler (burr) showers
Some ladies may not be fond of this first tip, but one dermatologist swears by it. The expert told the news provider even though scalding hot showers can feel great, especially after emerging from your warm bed, the hot water can actually dry your skin out more. This can create flaking, or other imperfections that can be a hassle during your makeup routine.

Instead, turn the heat up in the shower and let the room steam up so you'll feel comfy and then turn the temperature down a bit when you get in. Tip: keep winter showers under 10 minutes for the best skin-related results.

Bring on the moisture
Winter air is the most dry due to a lack of moisture or humidity. Even though this may help your hair look fabulous, it can cause issues for your skin. The best way to keep your complexion looking healthy is to moisturize frequently, but especially following your shower.

"Right after you get out of the shower and towel off - before you even leave the bathroom - that's the perfect time to moisturize, because your pores are still open," the dermatologist told the publication.

She added you should let the lotion sit on your skin for between one and two minutes before attempting to get dressed or put makeup on.

Change up your beauty routine
When it comes to face scrubs, foundations, blush and more, not all products are created equally. You may think it is OK to use the same face wash in the summer as in the winter, but this is a major no-no, as your skin changes with the seasons.

"Most people can't get away with the same skin-care routine year-round," the dermatologist told Allure. "You want to cut down on scrubbing and cut down on toning if you're dry. If you moisturize once a day in summer, moisturize twice a day in winter."

This advice goes for cosmetics as well. Marie Claire Magazine reports ladies should avoid wearing powder-based blushes or bronzers as products of this formula tend to "sit" on top of dry skin rather than blend in with it. Instead, try a cream-based product to look more natural.

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