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5 ways to wear purple makeup

Purple's placement on the color wheel makes it the ideal shade for girls with all different color eyes, skin tones, hair hues and personalities. If you don't already have some shade of purple in your makeup bag, you'll want to scoop one up fast - you'll be using it for years to come. If you're looking for some ideas to amp up your makeup routine with this powerful hue, we have some ideas in mind:

When applying purple lipstick, use a shade that's closer to plum than the the frosty lavender hue popular in the early millennium. Plum is perfect for a sophisticated look. When you apply it, be sure to layer it on top of a lip liner that matches. A deep purple color in a dark berry hue is also great for fall.

Your lids are the most obvious place to play with the purple color. There are so many shades to choose from - lavender, plum, lilac, violet - the possibilities are endless. When applying purple shadow, you can use just one color or mix and match to create a smoky eye.

Not ready for the all-over purple look? Eyeliner is a great way to test out the hue without making such a bold statement. You can either purchase purple liner or dip a fine eyeliner brush in some water and your favorite shadow to create one of your own.

Lip gloss
For a shiny, flirty lip, purple-hued lip gloss can't be beat - especially when it comes to fall makeup. Again, plum is always a go-to, but a pink-purple color is also gorgeous with light skin tones. Stay away from anything with too much purple pigment - instead of enhancing your look it will distract from it.

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