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Best makeup shades for girls with hazel eyes

The wide spectrum of colors that can be found in hazel eyes means that there are a variety of eyeshadow and makeup shades that will complement them. If you have hazel eyes but aren't sure which colors to use on your cosmetics palette, we've got you covered. Whether you're experimenting with your look or want something you can wear every day, check out the best makeup shades for girls with hazel eyes:

Warm browns
Brown may not be the most vibrant color, but this neutral hue complements hazel eyes without detracting from the spectrum of colors that make you unique. To enhance your eye color, use warm, neutral brown shadows. These are also great hues for daytime, because the earthy tones are more subtle.

Warm greens
Sensing a theme? Warm green shadows and eyeliners bring out the green tones in your hazel eyes, really making them pop. There's a variety of hues to choose from, but we recommend army or forest green - lime is just a little too much.

Purple is a flattering shade on any girl, but eggplant looks particularly stunning on those with hazel eyes. Eggplant is on the opposite side of the color wheel from green, which means it will provide a flattering contrast. Use it to create smoky eyes or line your top and bottom lashes.

To enhance the radiance of your eyes, there's nothing better than gold eyeshadow. Hazel eyes generally have little flecks of gold and brown, and gilded eyeshadow makes them more prominent. If you don't want to do an all-over look, try dabbing a bit of gold near your tear ducts or the center of your lids to act as highlighter for your brown shadow.

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