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How to pick the right lipstick for your eyeshadow

Choosing the perfect eyeshadow hue can be hard enough without throwing lipstick into the mix. While just using lip balm is often the easiest route to go (after all, it is colorless), when you pair the right shade of lipstick with the right shadow, the effect can be magical. To save you from having to make the decision all on your own, we've compiled a few foolproof pairings from which you can choose:

When wearing blue shadow, you have to be careful not to cross the line back to the 1980s. To keep your makeup from looking too clownish, it's best to avoid the blue eyeshadow/red lipstick combination. Instead, opt for a hue that's close to the natural color of your lips.

Gold shadow is extremely versatile because it's such a neutral color. You can try out a red lip for nighttime, burgundy in the fall or light pink gloss during the school day. A rose hue is also extremely flattering on girls of all skin tones. If you want to experiment with your lip color, gold shadow presents a great opportunity.

Whether you're searching for an evening look or are just feeling creative, purple is a gorgeous shadow on all eye colors. To make sure you don't overpower this royal hue, a light or muted pink lipstick is a good choice. As with blue eyeshadow, it's best to use a lipstick that's close to the natural color of your lips.

Smoky eyes are a go-to look for many girls, and the classic choice is always a red lip. To keep your makeup from looking too severe, opt for shades of brown shadow instead of black when creating the smoky eyes. If you're dying for a more dramatic look, try pairing light pink gloss with your black and gray shadow.

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