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How to pull off gold eyeliner

If you're getting bored with your plain old black eyeliner and want to try something with a little more pizzazz the next time you go out, why not give gold a try? It's the perfect look for summer because it has a glowing effect, making you look like the Grecian goddess we know you are.

Choose your hue
If you don't own gold eyeliner and don't want to spend a bundle stocking up, don't worry! You can choose your favorite gold hue from your eyeshadow palette and use an angled eyeliner brush to get the same effect.

Apply the liner
There are a million ways to pull off this ultra-chic look: Use it along your bottom lashes with black eyeliner on top, apply it to both your upper and lower lash lines or just stick to the tear ducts. Play around with different techniques and see what works best for you.

Final tips
To really make your gold eyeliner stand out, be sure that you are only applying the hue near your lashes and not all over your lids. Gold eyeliner is best complemented by a simple taupe shadow on your lids - it will create a matte canvas that will really make the gold the focus of attention.

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