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How to wear bronzer

If you want to bring that sun-kissed look from summer into the school year, nothing gets the job done better than bronzer. It's not only safer than hitting the tanning beds, it also can give some contouring and definition to your cheekbones. To make sure you pick the right shade and get that bronzed goddess-look you're going for, use our simple how-to guide.

Pick the shade
While you may think that a darker shade of bronzer will just have the effect of making you look more tan, the wrong choice can actually cause you to look sunburned or blotchy. When shopping for your perfect hue, make sure your purchase is only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Now that you have the perfect shade of bronzer in hand, it's time to prep your face for some makeup magic. You'll need to switch to a slightly darker foundation (one shade warmer than your skin tone) so your bronzer doesn't look unnatural. The more tan your skin looks, the less the contrast will be between it and the bronzer - and that's a good thing. You've probably already been using a darker foundation during the summer as you worked on your tan, so you should be all set.


  • After applying your foundation, reach for your powder bronzer and follow these steps for a natural-looking glow:
  • Swirl your brush in the powder, then lightly apply it to your cheeks in a circular motion.
  • Next, sweep the bronzer across your forehead and on your temples.
  • For quick and easy application, remember to apply the bronzer by drawing the number three on each side of your face - start at your forehead and dust it along your cheeks and chin.
  • Finish up by brushing a bit down the center of your nose and on your neck.
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