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Models at Marc by Marc Jacobs were all about red

This year's Fall 2013 New York City Fashion Week seems to be all about mixing bold patterns and colors in perfect harmony. The same goes for the high-intensity makeup models have been wearing in different shows. Ladies strutting their stuff on the Marc by Marc Jacobs' runway were stunning in a mix of pale complexions and bold red lipstick

If you're after this show-stopping style, you'll need to first get your serious modeling face down pat, as it's part of the intrigue of the look. You'll want to purchase a fire-engine red lipstick along with a clear gloss, or one with golden undertones. Leave your cheeks blank for this style and enhance your peepers by rimming them in black liner and swiping on a touch of cream eyeshadow.

Since everyone will be staring at your pout in this style, you'll want your lips to be soft. Achieve this by pressing a warm, wet facecloth on your pout for one to two minutes. After the allotted time, start to move the cloth around in small circles to remove dead skin and chapping. Next, apply a soothing chapstick to lock in moisture. 

When your lips are prepped, swipe the red hue on from the center to the outer edges and finish with the gloss. 

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