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Prolong your summer tan with these makeup tips

If going back to school has you worried about maintaining your perfect summer tan, never fear! You can actually use makeup to prolong your glow without resorting to the inevitably orange and streaky fake tanner. While cosmetics can't make your tan stay for good, it can enhance it by using the hues and products that will bring out that hard-earned color. As you start to contemplate your back-to-school makeup routine, use these tips to make your summer glow last as long as possible:

The fall season allows you to experiment with some darker colors on your lips, but if you want to bring out your tan, it's best to stick to the hues that are popular in the summer. Coral and orange-red lipsticks and glosses complement tans beautifully. These colors are universally flattering, and are probably already in your makeup bag! Stay away from pinks and blue-reds until your tan has officially faded away.

To amp up the glow of your skin, you'll want to use eyeshadow hues like gold and pink. However, purple, blue and lilac can also be flattering if you're willing to be a bit more adventurous. Shimmery highlighters are also effective at making your eyes pop against your tan complexion. Be sure to use brown eyeliner and a few coats of mascara to add definition.

One of the most effective means of prolonging the look of your tan is bronzer. Find a matte formula, tap a large, fluffy brush in it and blow on the brush to remove any excess powder. Then, apply it anywhere the sun would hit your face - be sure to cover your jaw and hairline, as well as your cheeks, nose, chin and neck.

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