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Revamp your beauty routine with a little water

If you feel like your makeup routine is getting a little stale and you want a quick way to update your look without spending a fortune, there's a surprisingly easy solution: water. A little H2O can go a long way when revamping your beauty routine. Check out these simple how-to's:

  • You can easily turn your powdered eyeshadow into eyeliner by dipping your angled eyeliner brush in water. Once the brush is wet, coat it in your color of choice and apply as you would liquid or cake liner. This is a great budget-friendly alternative to buying a handful of new colored eyeliners.
  • To achieve a healthy glow, all you need to do is fill a spray bottle with a little H2O. This is especially useful if you powdered your face to keep it from getting shiny but it's starting to look a little one-dimensional.
  • You can give your eyeshadow a much-needed boost by using your water-filled spray bottle to give it a quick spritz before dipping in your eyeshadow brush and applying it to your lids. Be sure to press the brush into the shadow to really pack in the color.
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