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The best eyeshadow hues for blue-eyed girls

Whether your blue eyes more closely resemble the ocean or a piece of precious turquoise, one thing's for sure - there's an eyeshadow hue out there that will make them pop. Your makeup should always enhance your best features - here are three shades that will always get the job done:

Terra cotta
Warm colors really make blue eyes stand out, which is why terra cotta or rust colored shadows look so gorgeous on girls with cerulean peepers. Because the hue is so natural it will look great whether you sport it during the day or at night - just make sure it has a bit of shimmer for a bold nighttime style!

OK, we know we said purple was perfect for brown- and green-eyed girls too, but it honestly looks amazing on everyone. If you want to use shades on the cool side of the color wheel, it's best to opt for purple over blue or green, which can dampen the color of your eyes.

It may sound crazy, but orange shadows will really make your blue eyes stand out. Orange-based hues like copper, peach and coral provide just the right amount of contrast because they are on the opposite side of the color wheel.

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