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Three makeup brushes every girl should own

It takes awhile to build a beauty arsenal that's fully equipped with all of the brushes that you'll need to create your favorite looks. If you're just getting started and aren't sure which brushes are most important, start your collection with these must-haves:

Angled blush brush
Contouring is becoming one of the most popular makeup techniques because it helps your best features stand out. Beloved by celebrities everywhere, there's no way that contouring can be achieved without an angled blush brush - it fits perfectly under your cheekbones!

Eyeliner brush
While a good eyeliner pencil can be effective, it's always nice to have the option of using gel or cream liner. Hold the brush on an angle and use it to apply eyeliner with quick strokes.

Eyeshadow brush
You can't apply eyeshadow without the proper brush! Choose one with a flat head that is designed to help you evenly sweep shadow from your lashes up to your brows.

Kabuki brush
Perfect for even application, Kabuki brushes are a unique take on powder brushes and are designed to help you get an even, airbrushed look. The soft bristles are ideal for picking up loose or pressed powder.

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