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Three ways to add some edge to your makeup

Want to add some edge to your makeup routine as you head back to school? There's no better way to express yourself than by switching up your cosmetics - it's the perfect opportunity for experimentation. To add a little punk rock to your look, test out these tips:

You may not see yourself as the type of girl to wear glitter, but if you choose the right hue it can definitely be less Barbie and more Debbie Harry (lead singer of the famous punk rock band Blondie). Consider using a bit of glitter in a purple or silver hue to give some pizazz to your eyeliner or shadow.

It's important that any punk rock princess have the right eyeshadow palette to get the perfect edgy look. Make sure your cosmetics bag includes everything from jet black to plum and hot pink to create the ideal balance between bold and beautiful.

Red lipstick
Adding edge to your makeup involves taking risks, and nothing says "I'm confident in who I am" than sporting red lipstick at school. There are plenty of different hues out there - choose the one that's best for your skin tone.

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