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Alexa Chung: Makeup risk-taker

The gorgeous and quirky Alexa Chung is known for taking risks when it comes to fashion. Sometimes her creative style works and other times she lands on the worst dressed list. Glamour Magazine reports one thing's for sure - her makeup choices at a recent event were both surprising and beautiful, and ladies might want to get onboard.

For her recent appearance, the British beauty turned heads wearing peach lipstick and stunning eggplant and bronze-toned eye makeup. Though the combo may seem far-fetched, it actually worked to enhance both her lips and her blue/green peepers.

The lips
To achieve a similar style to the one Chung wore, you'll need to pick up the perfect shade of peach lipstick with gold or tangerine undertones. This isn't a subtle peach, so only ladies looking to truly make an entrance should try it out.

If you're willing to go where just one woman has gone before, then grab a few different shades and test them in poor lighting - the office bathroom, your homeroom - to see how it will really appear. When you find your perfect color, first apply a layer of lip primer to help the color stay in place and let it set for between one and two minutes. After the allotted time, swipe on the lipstick hue and then another if you feel it's necessary.

Sassy peepers
Moving onto the main event - the gorgeous deep purple and bronze eyes. For this look, Chung started by applying the dark eggplant hue directly above the lash lines on her top lids. She then swiped on the shimmering bronze color from the purple and all the way up to her crease lines. Next, the funny girl used a makeup brush to apply a thin layer of the eggplant shadow on her bottom lids to help tie the style together. Chung then rimmed her eyes in black eyeliner and finished the look with a few coats of volumizing mascara.

Chung kept her cheeks simple - a bit of dewy light peach product on her high cheekbones helped soften the bold eyes and lips.

Bonus tip
The fashion experts at Glamour loved this style so much they decided to brainstorm other ways ladies could use funky colors to stand out. Ladies might want to try using silver shadow with an eggplant hue or pink and brown colors with dark berry lips. 

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