Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Amanda Seyfried rocks glamourous makeup for Glamour

It was all glamour for Amanda Seyfried as she posed in bars, bathrooms and pool decks for the March issue of Glamour Magazine. Rocking a dramatic eye makeup and bold, red lips, the actress gave off an old Hollywood vibe that was perfect for the shoot.

The blonde bombshell wore her long golden locks in voluptuous-yet-carefree waves as she donned everything from a bubblegum pink cocktail dress to a tank top and jeans. Her perfect pout and blue eyes were put on display in the photographs, with both highlighted in the boldest of makeup ideas.

Glamour used one of the best techniques for eyeshadow for blue eyes on Seyfried. Her peepers are lined with a heavy black eyeliner on both top and bottom lids. The makeup artist likely used a combination of liquid and pencil eyeliner before applying eyeshadow palettes that ranged from smoky gray to icy blues.

Although smoky, dark eyes and red lips should generally be worn on their own, the two trends together on Seyfried give her a look that is all glamour, and all grown up. Her lip palette ranges from a scarlet red to a soft glossy peach throughout the shoot.

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