Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Anna Paquin rocks a vampire vibe at True Blood premiere

True to her character on HBO's True Blood, Anna Paquin rocked a dark, gothic-inspired ensemble to the show's fifth season premiere in Los Angeles. Her black sleeveless dress had a sheer design on top that allowed just enough of her vampire-white skin to show through. The dress's black bodice was striped with sparkly sequins, which she mimicked with her dangly black onyx earrings.

Paquin's blonde locks were pulled back into an extremely intricate updo with twists, braids and weaving, revealing dark eye makeup that accentuated her deep chestnut eyes.

The actress wore jet black eyeliner around her entire eye, with a light smokey effect. To copy this look, use a blending brush to smooth shades of silver, graphite and black eyeshadow into hues of mauve. Using a professional eyeshadow palette is a good way to ensure you have all the right colors for this look.

To complete Paquin's look, wear a simple pink lip gloss and just a touch of coral blush to warm up your cheeks. 

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