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"Awkward's" Ashley Rickards gets real about makeup

Actress Ashley Rickards may be best known for her role as the confused teenager on the hit MTV show "Awkward," but she wants fans to know she's not actually like her character at all. In fact, Rickards admits she may be too confident at times, and is never afraid to take risks. She recently opened up about her life, goals and favorite beauty products in an interview with Teen Vogue Magazine.

"In real life, my character and I are actually nothing alike," Rickards points out right away in the interview with the fashion magazine. "My character wakes up, throws on a hoodie, and calls it a day. She's a real girl - not the Hollywood version of a teenager. If she tried to wear makeup to school, she'd probably just sweat it off in gym class. She never wants to draw attention to herself."

Rickards, on the other hand, loves all things girlie - especially wearing bold makeup trends.

"I think it's fun for girls to try out new trends, wear bright colors, and do unexpected things," She admits in the interview. She added that if she didn't make it in the acting world, she'd definitely want to go to school to become a makeup artist.

"When I was younger, I taught myself about different products, brushes, and blending shades," Rickards told the news outlet. "I love giving makeovers!"

She admits despite her love of makeup, her daily routine is quite minimal - just a touch of mascara and a bit of bronzer on her cheeks. However, she's always into taking risks and trying out new looks when it comes to events and award shows.

"I love a cat eye and bold lips," Rickards said on her favorite looks as of late, according to the magazine. "I've also been wearing a lot of black nail polish lately. But who knows? Next week I might want to wear neon green. It's fun to change it up."

The actress also spoke to Seventeen Magazine about some of her makeup pet peeves, including wearing too many trends at once.

"When wearing bold lip color, you need to make sure you don't play everything else up dramatically," Rickards told the magazine. "And in my opinion, it's really tacky to match your eyeshadow to your outfit!" 

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