Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Beauty tricks to make you look your prettiest

Over time, certain beauty regimens and makeup tricks have proven to get the job done right, Lucky Magazine reports. Adopting some of these techniques and trends may make your getting ready routine easier and more successful than ever.

When using concealer, the news source reports that patting is key. Although it takes longer than rubbing, it will more effectively disguise what you need covered. When it comes to hair, the news source uses Gisele Bundenchen as an example of natural hair beauty tricks. You are often your prettiest when your hair is styled closest to its natural texture, the news source reports. That means that while Gisele looks gorgeous with a blowout, her loose waves still take the cake.

When choosing your makeup palette for any given occasion, the news source recommends sticking to one feature - lips or eyes. In general, this trick will prevent you from looking too done up while still rocking a certain trend like red lips or smoky eyes.

While blush and bronzer certainly enhance your natural glow, working out before your big event may help you look at least 50 percent prettier thanks to the natural glow from the exercise, the publication reports. 

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